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AGM & Lets Go Gaming Talk

06/11/2012 - 19:00
06/11/2012 - 21:00

Speaker: Andy Thomason & Greg Bedwell from SN Systems

Venue: City of Bristol College

7:00pm AGM followed by Refreshments,
7:30pm Main Talk

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Andy Thomason and Greg Bedwell will lead a discussion of the issues facing game developers of next-generation video games on consoles and the PC platform.

Once the realm of hobbyists, the games industry has become far more serious in recent years and is now bigger than Hollywood.

For a new generation, games have become more than a source of entertainment extending the range of social networks and providing education in a structured environment.

The games industry provides a structured career path for those who wish to make it their life. Artists and programmers, producers and designers are all needed to help create the magic.

This talk will be about the skills required to work in the games industry, and some examples of what we do here in Bristol to support the industry around the world.

Andy Thomason and Greg Bedwell join us for the event from SN Systems.

SN Systems is a Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) owned software company based in Bristol, UK, that produces the industry standard development tools used by console programmers worldwide. The company was founded by directors Martin Day and Andy Beveridge and our staff currently numbers 60+ people.

Since 1988, SN Systems has been setting the standard for development tools within the console industry. As new platforms appear, SN Systems is quickly able to create stable and sophisticated tools to work with a new target.


Both BCS Members and Non Members are welcome.

Please book using our eventbrite page

If you require any more information please contact me on simon.thorp@bcs.org