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Wednesday March 13, 2013
Start: 18:00
End: 19:45

Venue: Watershed, 1 Canon's Road, Harbourside, BS1 5TX Bristol

Speakers: Greville Commins & Matt Hatch

BEN, The Watershed, South West Founders, IET & BCS

Booking is required

Do you have any customers out there?

"Entrepreneurs often spend far too long perfecting their product and not enough time testing it with the market" – so says James Caan. He believes that instead of only spending 10% of the development time talking to customers, it should be more like 50%. By speaking to the market, businesses could solve problems sooner, assess whether the product will actually sell in quantity and maximise the profit potential. This will enhance their chance of raising finance, and being successful when they do launch.

This networking event aims to explore the journey faced by innovative businesses when identifying the optimum market segment for new products or services.

Our speakers will look at how to measure the size, and assess the growth potential,of your chosen market, even when your product/service is unique. So, when you next pitch your idea, you will be able to answer the questions – "How many potential customers are out there? What evidence have I got to support this? How can I find this information?"

Tuesday March 19, 2013
Start: 18:30
End: 21:00

Main Speaker: Jose Casal

Venue: City of Bristol College

Booking is required. Please see Main Article for how to book.

Scrum is the most successful Agile method in the market. Conceptually, it is extremely simple to understand and its official guide is only 16 pages long. So, why is it that many companies fail to successfully implement and sustain their Agile adoptions?

In this presentation, Jose will cover many reasons why companies find that their Agile is, effectively, Fragile and suggest a number of tips and suggestions that will help run successful Agile adoptions that will be sustainable and withstand the challenges companies face in their journey to Agility.

Case Study: Scrum Is Only a Beginning
In this session Giovanni will talk about his real world experiences of helping teams with their agile efforts, and will highlight what worked, what din't, and what you should do to ensure the success of your Agile implementation.

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